Road Information

Important Road Safety Information

That's probably the biggest difference youll find. It's especially important to remember this at junctions. where instincts often prevail.

Roundabouts (or traffic circles) are not as complicated as they look. Just remember to give way to traffic already on the roundabout, coming from your right. Once you are on the roundabout, you have right of way.

Pedestrian crossings are indicated by black and white zebra stripes on the road. A single yellow line denotes 'no parking'. The speed limit throughout the island is 35 kilometers per hour (22mph). Do not speed and dont keep looking behind you.

Motorcycles must only be parked in marked bays.

Bermuda law requires all persons riding all motorized cycles (mopeds and scooters) to wear safety helmets. It is always wise to lock cycles when not riding them.